Living here in the wonderful U.P. sometimes makes it very hard for us reefers to get good quality healthy livestock. For the last 20+ years our LFS's have been stuck with just one wholesaler and I can attest that the stock we've been getting has been less then desirable. Since I began reefing I will say all my fish have been more rescues then actually *just gotta have* purchases.

One of our LFS Mares-Z-Doats have just recently begun keeping and selling saltwater. They are very excited about this and went with the same wholesaler that the other LFS was going through. UGH!! To say the condition of the livestock was terrible is putting it mildly. The fish were terribly skinny. Most covered in ICH and even some had lesions.
The employees were devastated! Being new they didn't know what to do. I spent hours with them talking and informing. Helping! I brought them a product I've used to treat ICH in marine tanks that is both invert and corals safe. It helped but didn't and couldn't save every fish

I recommended them to A&M Aquatics. Today I went to Mares-Z-Doats and I was so freaking excited. They had just gotten in their first order from A&M and everything was beautiful!!! From the baby blue Tang to the baby butterfly and a very yellow canary blenny all were happy and healthy. The corals were awesome also! Zoa's, leathers and monti's. Nice size frags. What was more exciting was they had...SEXY SHRIMP! I got me 2 of em

I personally want to thank A&M Aquatics for such wonderful customer service and livestock. Also for caring about us Yoopers enough to send us the very best