I made this as a custom piece for a 36 gallon salamander/newt tank. Customer wanted a water feature. I have it set up so there is a pump at the base of the structure with a hose pumping water to the top. It will collect and pool on one spot. Once it gets to a certain level it will run through the structure and collect in another spot on the structure. It will pool again and flow out the hole in the front. I know it is hard to see it from the pic. The big holes in it are made to place a clay pot into. The clay pots get covered with moss but they are pretty hidden already. This way the customer can swap out plants if they get root bound or he wants a change.

This was the plan and it would have worked perfectly. Had I not forgotten that the 36 bow has a center brace. Idiot me. It wont fit in the tank. So if it survives the fire I may have a freshwater structure here for some one. It would look great as a cichlid structure too. Or a center pice in a planted tank? I don't know. Or in a dart frog tank? Basically anything other than a saltwater tank.

It stands about 16" tall and is about 14.5" wide. It projects out 12" into the tank. It will also sit flush against the back wall.

006 18 - Freshwater or reptile structure.
008 17 - Freshwater or reptile structure.

010 12 - Freshwater or reptile structure.