This was a special order custom aquascape I made for a customer. Unfortunately for me but fortunately for you he never paid for it. I made this a few months back and have given the original customer every chance to take care of this. I was in comunication with him right up to scheduling a pick up at one of my distributers. Since then he has not replied to e-mails or private messages. A few weeks ago I picked it back up and it is in the warehouse. I don't know if something happpened to him or if he just decided he was gonna stiff me all along. But now I am contemplating non refundable deposits before I do any custom work from here on out. I can't afford to do projects for specific tanks that take three plus weeks to build in hopes to find someone that wants to buy someone elses aquascape. I like to operate on good faith but I can't have people order stuff and then back out once it is finished. The custom work is done more as a favor and not as a money maker. I put more time into these than I get back in monetary value. I have zero problem with people backing out of projects. But that is before I start them. If we agree on a look and a price and you approve the initial look I take that as a handshake agreement. Anyone that has ordered custom work can attest to me being more than fair and willing to work with the customer to make a product that usually exceeds expectations.

So if anyone wants a full aquascape for a 4' aquarium it is available. The dimensions are 42" long by 15" tall by 13" wide. It was made so fish could swim all around and through it. It was made for a 90 gallon tank with one center overflow. The price is $850 shipped. It will ship in three boxes and the shipping and packing will easily exceed $100 and be closer to $150.

006 19 - Full Aquascape Available NOW!!!!
005 22 - Full Aquascape Available NOW!!!!