We are going to make these from time to time. I had made a bunch of these but my LFS snapped up most of them. They are only available online from us. My LFS will sell them too but not online. This is a tough piece to ship with all the branches on it. I know if I pack it it has a real good chance of making it. So I am designating it a one ship product. Meaning I will only guarantee it arrives in one piece if I ship it. So there is no wholesale price on these.

I only have two sizes. Regular and Large. No two are the same.

Regular pieces have one magnet in them and larges have two.

Here is a regular. It is $70. These take a little more material to ship. Thats why they cost a few dollars more. It is 5" tall and 6" wide and projects 6" into the tank.

016 3 - Magnetic Branching Pieces

These are larges. These are $105.00 each.

This one is 11.5" long, about 6" tall and projects into the tank about 6" SOLD!

015 4 - Magnetic Branching Pieces

This one is 10" long. About 7" at the tallest point and projects about 6.5" into the tank.

014 4 - Magnetic Branching Pieces