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Aquarium Stuffers @ Aquarium Shine!!

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    Aquarium Shine - Reefkeeper CR Sponsor
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    Mar 2010
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    Default Aquarium Stuffers @ Aquarium Shine!!

    Stock up before the holidays! Aquarium Shine orders have arrived for the Christmas weekend. A ton of new fish and Corals. Here is a short sampling of what we have in:

    Our Store Hours for the Holidays: Wed, Thurs, Friday regular hours. Saturday 10am-2pm and closed Sunday for Christmas Day.

    Md Regal Angel
    Lg Queen Angel
    Md Blueface Angel
    Racoon Butterfly
    Citron Butterfly
    Blue Eye Anthias
    Orbic batfish
    Lei Trigger
    Bursa Trigger
    Lg Blonde Naso
    Lg Reg Nasos
    Md Unicorn Tang
    Lg Powder Brown Tang
    Swalesi basslet
    MdLg Stars and Stripes Puffer
    Spanish Hog
    Lightning Wrasse
    Blueline Grouper
    PinkSpotted Goby
    Longnose Hawkfish
    Green, Yellow, Sixline Wrasses
    Assorted Damsels and Chromis
    Clark, Tomato, Perc and black Perc Clownfish
    Yasha Hase Gboy

    Many Many more!!! Come check out this awesome stock!
    Aquarium Shine
    1673 E Auburn Road
    Rochester Hills, MI 48307
    248 299-FISH

  2. Visit Aquarium Shine's website
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    larryandlaura - Reefkeeper
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    Nov 2010
    Houghton Lake
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    Great fish list.
    Hi my name is Larry and I'm a coral addict!

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