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  1. Lets Welcome The Alternative Reef to CR!
  2. Overflow Pillar
  3. Micro Plugs Available NOW.
  4. Midwest Marine Conference
  5. Micro Plug Rocks and Holders
  6. Basic Disks and Large Basic Disks
  7. Our Macna Donation
  8. Something New
  9. Just out of the fire! Hot Hot Hot
  10. New Medium Magnetic Shelf Rocks
  11. E-Mail Down
  12. NEW!!!!
  13. What do you think about this bad boy!!!!
  14. Last pillar I make this year. Overflow Cover
  15. Magnetic Frag Stations and Reef Shelves currently available.
  16. New Plug Available soo......Square too!
  17. Bulk Pricing on Frag Station Plugs and Disks
  18. Custom Pillar
  19. This weeks project.
  20. Magnetic Branching Pieces
  21. Magnetic Power Frag Station
  22. Stackable Pillar
  24. Phil's Custom Corner Pieces
  25. Full Aquascape
  26. Finally a pillar with no wait.
  27. Our project for Macna.
  28. Freshwater or reptile structure.
  29. Salamander tank scape.
  30. I had some time to sculpt.
  31. Great way to hide an overflow.
  32. Another finished piece.
  33. Two pillars for one tank.
  34. Full Aquascape Available NOW!!!!
  35. Custom Work Suspended Indefinately
  36. Smouse School tank fundraiser.
  37. Guess what guys? It is moving time again.
  38. Announcement!!!!!!!!!! Product discontinuation.
  39. Wrasse Dens in stock. Limited amount available.
  40. Some of Our Products
  41. New Corner Frag Shelves!
  42. Product Updates
  43. Alternative Awesomeness
  44. Some of the goodies we worked on today
  45. A couple aqua-scapes for InterZoo
  46. A customer sent us a pic of one of our magnetic reef shelves in action.
  47. The ULTIMATE one of a kind CHALICE.
  48. Feedback Please
  49. Special Needs - Get Involved
  50. New Branch Rock
  51. Color!!!!
  52. Wrasse Dens in stock!
  53. OUR BLACK FRIDAY DEAL!!!!! Starts now and ends 12-1-2014 at 6:00 AM CST
  54. Alt Reef - Frag Station Replica
  55. The Alternative Reef - New Prototypes
  56. Alt Reef - Super Cool
  57. 110 holes for plugs on this one!
  58. Branching Frag Sculptures now available
  59. Alt Reef - Reef Sructure
  60. Alt Reef - Hidden Return Line
  61. Alt Reef - Touch of color.