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01-28-2012, 11:43 AM
Breeding Journal DataSheet

This first post should be updated regularly to include new information as events take place
or changes are made to your system

Species: Amphiprion Percula (Onyx Varient)
Social Structure: Mated pair
Size of Individuals: female 3 inches, male 2 inches
Age of Individuals: unknown
Date added to Tank: August 17 2011

Broodstock Tank Details
Size of Tank: 15 gallonsof a 120 gallon system
Substrate Details: thin layer of black aragalive
Filtration Details: Filter sock, carbon, marco algae, deep sand bed, live rock, bio-pellet reactor
Water Changes: 25% bi weekly
Water Temperature: 80 F
Lighting: VHO T12
Lighting Cycle: Lights on at 9:30am, lights off 10:30pm
Other Tank Inhabitants: Mated pair of Banggai Cardinals

Broodstock Feeding Details
Food Types: Thera A from New Life Spectrum, Homemade food blend
Feeding Schedule: three times a day

Spawning Details
Date of First Spawn: 12/25/11
Spawn Time of Day: afternoon
Dates of Consecutive Spawns: 12/25/11, 1/12/12
Courtship Details: none observed
Egg Size: 1mm
Egg Color: orange
Egg Count: ~100+

Hatch Details
Hatch Date: 1/2/12
Hatch Time of Day: around 11:30pm
# Days after Spawn: 8
Larvae Description: small silver eyes, silver belly, active

Larval Tank Details
Temperature: 80 F
Size of Larval Tank: 20 gallons
Substrate Details: bare bottom
Other Tank Decor: heater, airstone
Filtration Details: water changes
Lighting: T5 daylight and actinic
Lighting Cycle: lights on at 8:00 am, lights off at 11pm
Water Changes: 25% after 1st week once a week

Larval Feeding Details
Food Types: Rotifers fed Rotigrow +, after a week old fed Rotifer mix with TDO A
Feeding Schedule: rotifers=bountiful supply- TDO A a pinch a day

Date of Settlement Start: 1/11/12
Days after Hatch: 9 days
Date of Settlement End: 1/15/12
Description of Fry: swimming vigorously, head stripe visible, orange with darker pigments near tail.

Grow-Out Tank Details
Temperature: 80 F
Size of Grow-Out Tank: 20 gallons
Substrate Details: bare bottom
Other Tank Decor: heater, air stone
Filtration Details: water changes
Lighting: T5 actinic /daylight
Lighting Cycle: lights on at 8:00 am, lights off at 11pm
Water Changes: 25% after 1st week once a week
Size at Transfer: non-transfer- same as hatching tank
Age at Transfer: non-transfer- same as hatching tank

Grow-Out Feeding Details
Food Types: TDO B1
Feeding Schedule: three to four times a day

Additional Information
Miscellaneous Information: Pair is wild caught from the Solomon Islands- obtained through Wet Thumb Frags
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01-28-2012, 12:50 PM
Journal has been on MBI so I'm doing a retro on what I had posted there.

Picture of Onyx Percula bonded pair.

Got some prespawn behavior yesterday! Woop woop!! Keeping my fingers crossed for some Christmas eggs!
fish breeding :: Onyx Percula Prespawn video by shannyfly - Photobucket@@AMEPARAM@@http://vid305.photobucket.com/player.swf?file=http://vid305.photobucket.com/albums/nn201/shannyfly/fish%20breeding/onyxprespawn.mp4@@AMEPARAM@@vid305@@AMEPARAM@@305@ @AMEPARAM@@nn201/shannyfly/fish%20breeding/onyxprespawn@@AMEPARAM@@mp4 (http://s305.photobucket.com/albums/nn201/shannyfly/fish%20breeding/?action=view&current=onyxprespawn.mp4)

And on the 130th day Shanny said "let there be eggs!" and so it was.


pictures of proud (and protective) parents with their new eggs

Eggs are starting to look clearish, I'm thinking they may hatch tomorrow instead of Monday. Christmas eggs hatch on New Years???? Tooo neat!!!!!

Eggs Hatched last night- WOOT WOOT!!!!

babies are doing great. still can't tell how many fry are in there yet, but they all have nice round bellies and are now started on TDO A as of yesterday.

Here is a video of the fry. Some of them are just starting to hit meta, I can see a few of them swimming with more exagerated swipes of the tail. The look silly now but they will get the hang of it soon.
fish breeding :: Onyx fry video by shannyfly - Photobucket@@AMEPARAM@@http://vid305.photobucket.com/player.swf?file=http://vid305.photobucket.com/albums/nn201/shannyfly/fish%20breeding/Onyxperculafry9daysold.mp4@@AMEPARAM@@vid305@@AMEP ARAM@@305@@AMEPARAM@@nn201/shannyfly/fish%20breeding/Onyxperculafry9daysold@@AMEPARAM@@mp4 (http://s305.photobucket.com/albums/nn201/shannyfly/fish%20breeding/?action=view&current=Onyxperculafry9daysold.mp4)

My female Onyx looks fat as an ox today! hopefully there will be some more eggs when I get home today!!
eggs were laid but I didn't get a chance to get pictures.

I got some good shots of the fry today and some of them have their head stripes now. YAY!!

babies are doing great and most have their head stripes in. They are now fed TDO B1.
the last batch of eggs fungused over and most didn't make it. only 11 were still clear on hatching day. When I returned the nest after removing the eggs the onyx had taken the rest off the tile.
Friday I had run out and picked up a pair of "Bicinctus" juveniles, don't know if they are really Bicinctus, the juveniles look correct but the parents did not look like bicinctus at all. since they were captive bred I didn't think about QT, and by Friday night my female Onyx is breathing fast and didn't want to eat. I was in their tank catching a large cleaner shrimp to put back in my husbands reef. So I thought maybe she is just freaked out from being in her tank and moving things around. Yesterday morning she was still breathing fast and didn't want any breakfast, and the male didn't eat either. I started freakin' out!!! Not my breeding pair of Onyx!!!! so I messaged a really good reliable source on information on what to do. the new fish must have had brook or gill flukes. sigh!!! never again will I not QT a fish, no matter where it came from. None of my other pairs are affected by anything. My ocellaris pair #1 laid eggs, and so did my picasso/true perc pair yesterday. So I started up an 8 gallon bio-cube that a friend of mine had sitting in his garage. By a recomendation I put the Onyx in the QT tank bare bottom and added 16 drops of Formalin MS. Today the female is looking a bit better, still breatheing fast. I gave them a 10 min. dip in 1 gallon of water with .25ml of Prazipro. while they were chilling in the bucket with an airstone I cleaned out the bio-cube and changed the water. then returned the fish. I let them sit in the clean water for awhile before adding more Formalin. Hopefully they pull through this with out issues.
No music or anything with this video, just wanted to get this over to get an idea of what was going on with them.


Treatment is going great. Female looks to be doing fine, breathing is back to normal and she's swimming all over the QT tank. The male is still breathing a bit fast but is by his wifes side all the time. the female was eating yesterday, didn't sit and watch today. one more day of treatments and they go back in their own tank. all other fish look great as well.


01-29-2012, 09:40 AM
The onyx are back in their tank and doing wonderfully. they are back to normal and eating like little piggies.
here is a recent picture of the fry.

01-29-2012, 12:35 PM
Wonderful news! I'm so happy for you Shanny! Its awesome to see all those lil babies :)

02-05-2012, 01:19 PM
everything is still going good. Onyx are eating like pigs, babies doing great. I took a photo and counted at least 50 babies, there were a few that were not in the picture that I know of, so when they get a bit bigger I may know for sure. belly stripes will come in in about a month. can't wait!