View Full Version : Additional Items added to the 40% off thread

07-27-2010, 10:58 PM
Along with the 40% off of one livestock item for our pet club members we are offering
20% off of Marineland, and Whisper filters
as well as 20% off of all Hagen products.

Percula Clownfish reg. 19.99 sale 12.99
Astrea Snails reg. 1.99 each B.O.G.O

Instant Ocean 50 gallon mix bags reg. 15.99 sale 9.99ea
Instant Ocean 200 gallon mix cases reg. 59.99 sale 39.99
Instant Ocean 160 gallon pail reg. 59.99 sale 39.99

Reef Crystals 50 gallon mix bags reg. 22.99 sale 17.99
Reef Crystals 160 gallon pail reg 69.99 sale 49.99
Reef Crystals 200 gallon case reg 69.99 sale 49.99

We also now carry R.O water
Pure R.O
mixed with Instant Ocean
also mixed with Reef Crystals

Thanks for viewing this thread hope to see ya soon.