Hi All,

I am fairly new to all this but I currently have a SW tank that I am going to add a sump to. DT is a 40b, sump is going to be a 29 gallon. Outside measurements are 30x12x18 (LxWxH). I am planning on having 3 chambers in it. The first will be 8 inches long with a 16 inch high baffle and will be used for some Chaeto(SP?) and filter sock maybe. Second chamber will be 13 long (to accomadate a skimmer that will have to be elevated..) this will have a baffle to direct flow Under it (approximately 15 inch high baffle, 1 inch from bottom), then it will go to an over baffle 12 inches high to the return section, which will be 8 inches long. So the flow will be: Enter 8 long, 15 high chanber -> over baffle into 13 long, section with skimmer -> under baffle -> over 12 inch high baffle to return section. Anyone have any thoughts or advice on this? Suggested changes? Flow rate will be approximately 400 GPH. Big question, will 1/8 thick glass work for the baffles? Or does it need to be 1/4 thick?

Any thing else I should be concerned with? Thanks for any suggestions.