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Doing an in wall build, got a few questons.

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    Default Doing an in wall build, got a few questons.

    Currently have a 90 mixed reef in my parents basement. Bought a house about a month ago and am almost moved in and will be putting the 90 in my living room wall, the other side is the spare bedroom closet, basically a perfect scenario.

    Hoping to start cutting the wall out in the next week or so, but kind got to thinking about something, what height do most people generally put in wall tanks at? My tank is about 32 in off the ground on its current stand at my rents house, but the stand wont be reused so i have the option of doing anything I want. I personally think the 32in for the base of the tank is a bit low, but im about 6'2" so Im always feel that im looking down at it.

    Thoughts? Opinions?

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    Tom@HaslettMI - Reefkeeper
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    I feel it mostly depends on how you view the tank. If you'll mostly view it while sitting on the couch/favorite chair then lower makes sense. However, if you will mostly be standing when viewing then go higher. Also try to consider the impact of the height on ease of maintenance. If the tank is too low then you'll be all hunched over, and if it's too tall then you may need a step stool to reach the bottom.

    Personally I prefer a tank to be a bit higher... 35" or more (depending on total height of the tank itself).


    PS. I have not had an in-wall so this info is for free-standing tanks... though I think it would still apply to in-wall tanks.
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    Before I cut my wall i walked up to the wall and put an x where I looked at the wall straight on. Then had my wife do the same thing. I split the difference and that was my center mark.

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    Pat-O - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2011
    Ft Gratiot Michigan
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    That sounds awesome Im also Im my parents basement until Im done with school and then plan on buying a house. I would love to put an in-wall tank in when I get my house, looking forward to pics in the future.

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