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What is one of the colors on a clownfish? (hint there is a clownfish on the CR logo in the top left corner of the page.)

favorite tank task

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    igot2gats - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2009
    Grand Rapids

    Default favorite tank task

    So, what's your favorite task of maintaining your tank(s)? Water changes? Cleaning the glass? Feeding?

    Mine is water changes. As many people are not fans of doing this, I am. I always feel the same after a water change as I do mowing the lawn - you just gave your fish a bath, & you know that it's healthy for your inhabitants. It gives me good feeling knowing that I did something really good for my livestock.

    Same goes for mowing the lawn. I feel like I just gave my lawn a much needed haircut.

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    larryandlaura - Reefkeeper
    Team CR

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    Nov 2010
    Houghton Lake
    Awards Monthly Giveaway Winner Fantasy Football Champion Referral Award Monthly Giveaway Winner


    Feeding by a long shot!
    Hi my name is Larry and I'm a coral addict!

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    MizTanks - Reefkeeper
    Join Date
    Oct 2009
    U.P. of Michigan.
    Awards Photo of the Month - October 2012 Photo of the Month Post and Reply Award - Winner of the first PAR Contest. Monthly Giveaway Winner


    I have to say Testing. When I get the *spot on* readings, I just wanna woot woot! I find myself holding my breath with anticipation lol~I don't have a life lol
    There's nothing like being a Reefer! www.upmmas.com

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    slapshot - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Jan 2010
    Farmington Hills Michigan
    Awards Photo of the Month - May 2012 Photo of the Month Photo of the Month Tank of the Month


    Feeding for me.

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    bluwc - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Mar 2011
    Clio, MI


    I have to go with Slapshot on this one...feeding both fish and corals. I hate doing WC, such a pain lol

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    demonclownfish - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Chatbox Menace

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    Dec 2009
    Awards Monthly Giveaway Winner


    my favorite tank task would be enjoying my tank

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    steve&mari - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Dec 2010
    grandville mi


    Finding cool colorful corals n such then feeding then water changes have to do all them or ya won't have a display to enjoy
    Big Steve

    Sent from my PG86100 using Tapatalk

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    Sir Patrick - Reefkeeper A2 Club Coordinator
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    Oct 2009
    UofM territory
    Awards Monthly Giveaway Winner


    I love feding my tank. Its my favorite time to watch it!

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    Water changes because once I'm done I can enjoy watching everything

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    Watching scolys eat. It's like watching a sic-fi movie only without popcorn.
    But I don't mind WCs, I change 5 gal / week in about five minutes time. Am I doing it wrong?

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