Hi all looking for advice on some flow issues. Been in the hobby about two years and have grown from the tank that was given to me (algae infested mess) I currently run a 40 breeder with a sump with calurpa and reef octopus diablo skimmer run gfo and carbon in a BRS reactor. Calcium at 430 alk at 8,5. Daily dosing dosing for both. 0 nitrates and phosphate. Return pump mag 750. Two power heads a koralia evolution 550 and 750 currently on sides one toward front other toward back . Replaced all rock several months ago but still seeming to battle cyano red slime or Dino's. no snails dying so assuming its cyano.

Corals include:
Frog spawn
Acan echinata
Tri color acro
John Elias stag
Sunset Monti
Birds best
Montipora digitat
Ora Hawkins echinata
Welso open brain
Plate coral (orange)
A chalice
A couple Favia

2 clowns
A rbta (beautiful one)
A coral banded shrimp
Feather duster
Some turbo snails
A couple hermits
And a mandarin that's doing quite well so on to issue. Thinking I need more flow to battle cyano and just in general. I already ordered a koralia evolution 1150. Now il try to paint a mental picture if plan for advice. Currently return is on back right of tank. Overflow box is on far left. I'm contemplating moving the overflow to dead center and putting the 750 and 1150 on back wall on each side pointing toward front glass and angled in slighty to bounce off front glass.

Looking forward to comments, thoughts, and ideas

Ps rich work us kind if cliff face in back wal about 3/4 the way up. Lots of open spaces and cave to flow through

Thanks in advance.