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Frag tank build on the Cheap?

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    Default Frag tank build on the Cheap?

    Ive got an extra 10 gallon set up...thinking about making it into a frag tank. I can be real thrifty at times......not always....its choices that on spending that give us the money for this could be expensive "hobby?" . Anyways i want to do this thing on the lower cost end....so Im researching via Youtube and internet... I'm looking at my room where its gonna go...because i want the right Che...thinking about size for room....is it going up against a wall...or is it going smack dab in the center...will it be part of the decor or will it be the focal point. i have decided that since i have the benefit of an extra room ...it will go in the center....and because of that it will be an acrylic tank build....1 because its more affordable than glass...2 because it is lighter to move....3 because in my head it just seems safer for me rather than using glass. Now....the size of the tank depends on the size of the room (probably a low lying 4 ft square shape) if it is going to be "the focal point" because were talking art , Che, and comfort here. I'm thinking big enough to walk around maybe seating for 2 in case I'm being mesmerized again and my wife gets sucked in, maybe 3 or 4 if i want the kids in there messing with me...this is a family project in my head right now... i will be using it as a love bond thing for my grand kids....soon coming. i wont belabor this thought but i must touch on it....i can scientifically theorize how these little reefs can and do an Agape love vibe right into your heart, mind, and soul...and its all about atomic energy....photons ...light frequencies...mood vibe.....and crap like that....that being said .....there's good better and best when it comes to doing this. So now I'm on a journey for acrylic....via internet...and some sound advice from fellow CR reefers. Next i will build my light fixture not sure if it will be halide or t5 or i will just wait til the fixtures come to the sell forum....or i might just take some cheap fluorescent white bulbs probably 4 ft....and research how to get proper blue light through Plexiglas cover...blue acrylic hmmmm.....this is a journey...an adventure ....right? oh and did i mention on a timer....maybe 2 lights. a timer on each to mimic day and night all by itself.... thank God for the internet. Next will be filtration because i want to be able to not touch this stuff for quite awhile once i get it started ....do i want a sump? do i want power heads and an under gravel system sucking all that bacteria down and into a filter ....do i want charcoal....do i want crushed coral.... do i want a combination......help help I'm going down the rabbit hole....Get on CR and get opinions....don't listen to them all because this is not an exact science....but listen enough to get a feel....your ecosystem is exactly and i mean exactly different than everyone else's ("exactly" sorry I'm back to the photon thing) but that's whats gonna make it personally yours . if this thing was a cut and dry science...we would get bored with it...well some of us....its about science, chemistry, biology, psychology, carpentry, plumbing, electricity, gardening, creative art, but most of all it is about LOVE. and if you dont feel it your missing the point ...i think..........i gotta get hold of Skyhigh. lol and get my wife her sewing room now that Phylos love....now im getting into the reef psychology...but now that's a different topic for later.

    For what its worth my frags are packed in my 28 nanocube at the moment....limited time jimmy...get with the plan.

    P.S. Maybe the 10 gallon is for you still...and that's okay...just hate to see it not be big enough a year from now...and your back at it spending those hard earned bucks again.....but it might make a nice hospital tank later.

    P.S.S. i know i just started this thing...would like a nice continuing thread for fellow frag propagation newbies to glean from....you know there gonna need it. ME TOO !

    Your CR friend

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    Good luck with your frag tank. Im in the process of setting up one shortly just need a good deal to come along on a tank.
    Hi my name is Larry and I'm a coral addict!

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