I have a precision marine Kalkreactor and have been struggling to get it setup. My reef seems to do so much better when dosed, all my corals look amazing but I am concerned about the fluctuation in the pH affecting the fish. Can anyone take a look at the graph and let me know if this is a cause for concern or not. Also is this normal for a kalkwasser setup. The kalk has a dramatic increase on the pH but it seems to be fairly short lived. I am dosing based on pH using my Neptune controller, everywhere you see a spike is when the dosing pump kicked on. I have the controller set to turn the pump on at 8.20 and turn off at around 8.25 because it keeps rising a bit after 8.25 up to around 8.3-4. Any help would be much appreciated.

2540 ph 12 17 11 - Kalkwasser setup