I started my tank about 8 months ago as FOWLER and that went well. I started introducing small coral frags back in November and went from a 30 gal to a 65gal with 20gal sump. Now this is where my problems began. The tank is 24inches deep by 36 wide by 18. I didnt up grade the lighting (not smart) I had one 10,000k and one actinic both being T8 with lunar leds for night. It never dawned on me that the lighting was not good because the tank seemed bright. The corals have not grown and of course brown algae has begun to be a real problem. Right now to do a new LED build is beyond me so this is what I have just set up.....; 6 bulb T8 system 4/10,000k 32 watt ea ,1/20,000k, 40 watt ,2/actinic 32watt total 232 watts. will this be enough to do what I need until I can slowly build a nice LED system?