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Wet/Dry Filter maintenance

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    Default Wet/Dry Filter maintenance

    I have had my tank about a year now and was wondering if there is any maintenance I need to perform on the hoses going down from the overflow to the wet/dry filter.

    I ask because lately the hose that goes into the wet/dry filter seems to be making a gurgiling noise every once in awhile. All I can think of is perhaps it's because the hose that goes from the overflow to the wet/dry filter is slightly curved, so maybe the water builds up in the hose until gravity takes over and pushes it into the wet/dry filter.

    In addition, the light that is usually on, on my uv sterilizer hasn't seem to come on in awhile. There was a light on the bottom of the sterilizer that was always on, although there is still water being fed from the uv sterilizer into the center chamber of the wet/dry filter.

    I'm going to take some pictures really quick and post them


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    jojo22 - Reefkeeper Registered User
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    Nov 2005
    Canton, Ohio


    Ok I would clean out the hoses with either a fst enough water flow to flush out any gunk build up. if that does not help the gurgleing try searching a durso stand pipe or check out this link. Hofer Gurgle Buster Construction.

    As for the steralizer my guess would be that it is time for a new bulb.
    Does water always taste like salt and poo????

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