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Breeding Journal: (Hippocampus kuda

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    bigbill - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Default Breeding Journal: (Hippocampus kuda

    Breeding Journal DataSheet

    This first post should be updated regularly to include new information as events take place
    or changes are made to your system

    Species: (Hippocampus kuda
    Social Structure: 1 male 1 female
    Size of Individuals: male 4+ female 3 body size not with the tail
    Age of Individuals: unknown
    Date added to Tank: 9/15/2011

    Broodstock Tank Details
    Size of Tank: 8 gallon nano QT tank
    Substrate Details: bare bottom with some LR and zip tyes for hitching
    Filtration Details: 3 stage filter
    Water Changes: weekly 1-2 gallons
    Water Temperature: 74-76
    Lighting: pc 10k 4 red lumen leds
    Lighting Cycle: 10on 12 off
    Other Tank Inhabitants: none at this time

    Broodstock Feeding Details
    Food Types: pods from ym reef tank iso i think and frozen mysis
    Feeding Schedule: 3 times daily

    Spawning Details
    Date of First Spawn: none at this time
    Spawn Time of Day:
    Dates of Consecutive Spawns:
    Courtship Details:
    Egg Size:
    Egg Color:
    Egg Count:

    Hatch Details
    Hatch Date:
    Hatch Time of Day:
    # Days after Spawn:
    Larvae Description:

    Larval Tank Details
    Size of Larval Tank:
    Substrate Details:
    Other Tank Decor:
    Filtration Details:
    Lighting Cycle:
    Water Changes:

    Larval Feeding Details
    Food Types:
    Feeding Schedule:

    Date of Settlement Start:
    Days after Hatch:
    Date of Settlement End:
    Description of Fry:

    Grow-Out Tank Details
    Size of Grow-Out Tank:
    Substrate Details:
    Other Tank Decor:
    Filtration Details:
    Lighting Cycle:
    Water Changes:
    Size at Transfer:
    Age at Transfer:

    Grow-Out Feeding Details
    Food Types:
    Feeding Schedule:

    Additional Information
    Miscellaneous Information:
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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