For the first time in over 6 months I've finally gotten the calcium to drop to somewhere near normal levels, it actually measured in at 420 ppm! Compared to our usual 500+

Alkalinity is really juiced up to 12.8dKH and the PH has climbed to 8.6. Last BBS dosing was this morning and switched the top off to straight RO/DI tonight and we'll see where things settle out at tomorrow evening, PH may very well drop back down, it normally jumps around a bit with heavy dosing.

All of our coral are looking great and doing well, maybe the addition of some more calcium demanding critters is actually using up some of the excess. After adding extra light to the fuge the few strands of halimeda we've had for months has really started taking off as well and can almost be considered a fistful after only 6 weeks or so, so they have to be helping use it up too.

Now watch the next water change this weekend will hose everything back up on me.