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lost one...

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    Default lost one...

    #ed_op#DIV#ed_cl#Well, I lost one of my cycling damsels.... I'm transistioning to a sump right now, and had taken all the bio media out of that can filter thing. I turned up the bubbles on the skimmer, and let her roll. I thought everything was great last night when I went to bed. Woke up this morn, and no Blue damsel. everything went through my head from a mantis shrimp,to a trick performingjumping blue damsel... Well I located him in his favorite hiding space wedged in his little hole, and coaxed him out with a little blast from a turkey baster. He came out, looked bloated, breathing about 200 times a minute, and sittin on the bottom trying to keep himself upright. His scales had turned whitish, and he had absolutely no will to swim away. Now, I know there is no turning back, and the sump will be in on Sat. What do you think caused his demise.... Was nice and healthy up until this AM.#ed_op#/DIV#ed_cl##ed_op#DIV#ed_cl##ed_op#/DIV#ed_cl##ed_op#DIV#ed_cl#poor little bluey.... RIP buddy !#ed_op#/DIV#ed_cl##ed_op#DIV#ed_cl##ed_op#/DIV#ed_cl#

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    ammonia spike... a natural part of a cycle.
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    sounds like an ammonia spike to me too, sorry for your loss


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