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Magnesium Dosing - Questions

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    michaellong - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Default Magnesium Dosing - Questions

    Recently I have developed conditions with my corals that demanded attention to magnesium. My ph 8.4, dkh (14!) , and calcium at 460ppm. I am reading many articles on the importance of maintaining magnesium at proper levels. All articles point to leveling at 3 times the strength of your calcium. So I am at 460ppm , my target should be 1380ppm. It is now at 920ppm. To raise the magnesium is difficult for me to understand because (1). the articles state that dosing should be capped at no more than 100ppm per day. (2). I am using Tech-M Kent Magnesium, and it doesn't look like theres enough anyway to raise it because from what I am reading on the label, even if I were to I.V drip and measure daily, it would sure take an aweful amount of time. So to figure this out is to look at my salt first, because my long term goal is to use salt that has strong concentration on elements, magnesium being one. I use Reef Crystals. Second I was exploring the use of Epson Salt, but it sounded risky with the addition of sulfate. I am wondering, should I just I.V drip the Kent or find a do it yourself receipe? I can drip the magnesium and regulate it at 100PPM a day, but it sounds drastic. Another hangup is that from what I am reading ( and hopefully I am reading correct), magnesium plays a role in the offset of alkalinity. In other words my dkh of 14 would likely be more stable between 8 - 10 if my magnesium were at the desired 3xcalcium level. Lastly, thinking of adding 10% magnesium media to my calcium reactor. I have to be honest, usually up to this point all my corals thrived, and it seems I have hit a pretty big bump in the road here, but I wish to find a suitable long term solution. I did testing and my RO-DI water doesn't even register on the alkalinity scale, so my auto top off isn't adding the DKH. Any ideas please let me know. thanks peoples

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    iyachtuxivm - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    I used the tech m and followed the dosing directions and it increased just fine. Once you get the proper level of mag it doesnt drop really fast at all. Weekly doses will keep it in line if not raise it. I followed the directions for daily dosing and in about 2 weeks had it to the level I was looking for. I went through about a half gallon to get it where I wanted it. Mag calc and alk are all linked together, that beng said the mag doesnt really change your other parameters much. It assists in helping to create a buffering effect between the calc and alk to help them stay in solution and not bind together and "fall out".
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    With low mag it can be hard to raise alk and keep it stable, if alk isn't stable then Ph can be hard to keep stable. I've always read that starting with Mag then Alk, get them where you want and stable and your calcium will be right where you want it. 100 a day is a lot but Tech M isn't cheap stuff, go slow, good luck.

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