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    Jan 2005
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    Default MY TANK HAS CYCLED!!!!

    The tank has finished cycling over night! Yesterday I checked the ammonia and nitrites and they were very near zero and near 1ppm respectively. Today they were both 0! What's really weird is that I checked nitrates about 3 days ago and it was almost 50ppm and today it was 2.5ppm. I didn't think nitrates would go lower without water changes. I tested all these and then re-tested because I thought I was in error. It was the same each test. Woo Hoo! :mrgreen: Only took about 2 weeks.....

    So, should I go ahead and order one of those tank clean-up crews (snails and stuff)? And the macro for the fuge? Speaking of the fuge, should I also put turbo snails in there? What should NOT go in the fuge? Thanks guys! :mrgreen: :razz:

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    Jan 2005
    Kansas City


    I just noticed I put this in the maintenance section......duh :ooops:

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    Reptoreef - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2004
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    Nothing in the fuge, IMO. Well, macro is good, of course, but if you put critters that deplete the fuge of it's primary use, is it still a "refugium"? Trust me, there will be an amazing array of some quite different critters in no time if you just run your RDL(reverse day light) over the fuge and move at a slow, patient pace... the rewards will be astounding, guaranteed.
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