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School me on Kalk please!

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    Default School me on Kalk please!

    I'm trying to do a little more for the tank besides the 2part I've been using.

    Right now I do not have the space for a calcium reactor until we get a house, so i was thinking about using kalkwasser.

    The Two Little Fishies Kalkstirrer looks like a nice product but everywhere i read has been very vague on how much to use how often to run it and the pros and cons to it.

    I do not use an auto top off system i only add water once a week when the sump starts getting a little low, so maybe 3 gallons.

    So I turn my questions over to the experts here and am ready to be schooled!

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    Kalk reactors work with your Auto top off. Water from you fill reservoir goes through the Kalk reactor, gets saturated with lime, and then into your tank, where the corals can use the Ca and Alk to grow.

    If you are not using an ATO, then kalk is probably not for you, especially a reactor. (You could drip kalk from an IV bag, not many go that route though.)

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