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What type of fish is in the middle of CaptiveReefs (top left corner of page...hint it is the main character in Finding Nemo) )

HOT! WYSIWYG frags on site now!

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    cherrycorals - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Nov 2009
    Sunny Livonia
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    Default HOT! WYSIWYG frags on site now!

    ancan14 - HOT! WYSIWYG frags on site now!
    Tokyo Terror, Japanese micromussa
    ancan16 - HOT! WYSIWYG frags on site now!
    We didn't name this one but it looks an aweful lot like our Rainbow Frosty.
    ancan4 - HOT! WYSIWYG frags on site now!
    Another unnamed Gem
    ancan7 - HOT! WYSIWYG frags on site now!
    Awesome A grades!
    ancan11forweb - HOT! WYSIWYG frags on site now!

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    ReeferRob - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2009
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    Love that Tokyo Terror Micro. In person, well it looks the same LOL awesome!!! Reminds me I need to step my Acan game up, but I've got blinders for favias right now! Lol
    "We shouldn't think of an environment where livestock can survive, we should ensure an environment where livestock can thrive."-Rabidgoose
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