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Blue Ricordea

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  1. Blue Ricordea Blue Ricordea

    Scientific Name: Ricordea florida
    Color: Blue
    Status: Part of Current Collection
    Date Acquired: 03/11
    Purchased Price: $10.00
    Availability: No Frags at This Time
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Growth Rate: Slow
    Lighting: Low
    Flow: Low
    Temperament: Peaceful
    Join Date
    Jun 2011
    First Name

    Additional Information & Description

    This is a blue Florida Ricordea that I purchased at the Grand Rapids swap in March. The color is great on it as it is a nice shade of blue. I've seen it catch pellet food and mysis shrimp from time to time, which it then slowly eats. The one problem is it hasn't really changed in the months I've owned it (reproduce). However, even if it never grows or reproduces, it's still a cute coral.

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    bluwc - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Mar 2011
    Clio, MI


    I have 2 ricordias that i have had since like Feb/March. They haven't changed in size or split. Ii guess they don't like my one tank, but everything else in there is doing well.

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