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Duncan is happy

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  1. Duncan is happy Duncan is happy

    Type: LPS
    Scientific Name: Duncanopsammia axifuga
    Other Names: Duncans
    Color: Green
    Status: Part of Current Collection
    Date Acquired: 2010
    Availability: No Frags at This Time
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Growth Rate: Moderate
    Lighting: Medium
    Temperament: Peaceful
    Join Date
    Nov 2009
    Detroit MI
    First Name

    Additional Information & Description

    I happened to be walking by the tank, and this guy just looked so happy, I thought I would share with all of you. If you don't have a duncan in your tank, you really should consider it. They are fun to watch, easy to keep, and every once in a while (like now) make me look like I know what I am doing!

    It's an iPhone pic, so squint, and it looks less blurry...
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    MizTanks - Reefkeeper
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    Oct 2009
    U.P. of Michigan.
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    Awards Photo of the Month - October 2012 Photo of the Month Post and Reply Award - Winner of the first PAR Contest. Monthly Giveaway Winner


    Beautiful Duncan! One of my favorites
    There's nothing like being a Reefer! www.upmmas.com

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    Hopkins - Reefkeeper

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    Sep 2009
    Royal Oak, MI
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    Awards Wheel Master Award - Helping with run the Frag & Swag wheel at the Michigan Coral Expo & Swap 2014.


    I have a 3 polyp duncan frag from the Trop, that never opens anymore. I bought it about a month ago, it was open for the first week, and now nothing. It doesn't look like its in bad shape, it just won't open. I have mainly SPS, and all the frags are great. I also have a decent sized goni that is always open. I don't understand what is going on with the frag. All of my parameters are in line, and all the other coral is doing great.
    rc Hopkins sig - Duncan is happy

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    CR Member
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    Nov 2010
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    Have you tried moving the duncan to a different spot in the tank? It may be getting too much light. This was the case for mine which stayed closed for days; after I moved it, it opened up overnight. It may also be contacting some coral around it that it does not like. One of mine was retracting because it was contacting some kenya tree. In my experience, duncans are really non-aggressive and need space from neighbors.

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