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Green Zoas

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  1. Green Zoas Green Zoas

    Type: -
    Scientific Name: Zoanthid
    Color: Green
    Status: Formerly Owned
    Availability: -
    Difficulty: -
    Growth Rate: -
    Lighting: -
    Flow: -
    Temperament: -
    Join Date
    Jul 2011
    South Florida

    Additional Information & Description

    I had the green ones but they melted and left the red ones behind.
    "It happens, and as long as the clowns out there keep paying top dollar, they will stay top dollar. Just a way of life, imagine how much cheaper a Tahoe or Yukon would cost if the word 'bling' was never invented..."

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    jimsflies - Reefkeeper

    Join Date
    Aug 2009
    First Name


    I had them once too and they melted for me as well.

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    CR Member
    Join Date
    May 2012
    Toledo, OH
    First Name


    I've got one drag of the green ones that have been doing well for a while.
    When its big enough to frag Ill let you guys know!

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