So this is my SINGLE head of hammer and was the 2nd coral I added to the tank. Here is a pic of it back in Jan when I brought it home

IMG 7443 - Hammer

This is a pic of the FTS back in Jan after the tank was set up. It is on the rock (the white one) towards the left bottom hand corner if you can see it....

IMG 7449 - Hammer

And here it is today......and this is why it is one of my favorate corals! I have it on Roids (and yes it's still a SINGLE head)

IMG 9849 - Hammer

This pic is of the GBTA which there are 2 and it's pretty big too (for size comparison)...

IMG 9855 - Hammer

Here he is with the Tang, also for size comparison and this is NOT a baby tang...

IMG 9860 - Hammer

IMG 9856 - Hammer
IMG 9847 - Hammer