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My First Green Star Polyps

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  1. My First Green Star Polyps My First Green Star Polyps

    Scientific Name: Pachyclavularia spp.
    Color: Green
    Status: Part of Current Collection
    Date Acquired: 1/27
    Availability: -
    Difficulty: -
    Growth Rate: -
    Lighting: -
    Flow: -
    Temperament: -
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    Jan 2013
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    Additional Information & Description

    This is one of my first frags. I got it for free after getting a coupon at the Michigan Coral Expo and Swap from Preuss' Pets.

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    dputt88 - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Aug 2012
    Romeo MI
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    Awards Tank of the Month - January 2013 Tank of the Month Post and Reply Award - Finding Nemo PAR contest Fishbowl Drawing Winner - Summer Swap Fishbowl Winner (Red Dragon)


    GSP is def one of my most favorite corals. great coral for a first frag too!

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    that Reef Guy - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Feb 2011
    Milford, MI
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    Awards Fishbowl Drawing Winner


    It is a very nice coral, especially under actinics.

    But be very careful.

    It can grow over everything.

    I have an aquarium where half of my live rock is GSP.

    I have to cut it all out soon.

    I advise that you keep it on one single rock that is in your sand bed and not attached to anything else so you don't have the same problem that I do.
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    jimsflies - Reefkeeper

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    Aug 2009
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    Some people attach the gsp to the back of their tanks and it will cover the entire wall. It think that looks pretty cool. It also makes it somewhat easy to frag. I personally would either do that or grow it on its own rock separated by sand from the other rockwork. That way you can keep it groomed.

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