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Red Mushroom

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  1. Red Mushroom Red Mushroom

    Scientific Name: Actinodiscus sp.
    Other Names: Musrhoom anemones, Disc anemones, Corallimorphs
    Color: Red
    Status: Part of Current Collection
    Date Acquired: 03/11
    Purchased Price: Free
    Availability: No Frags at This Time
    Difficulty: Easy
    Growth Rate: Fast
    Lighting: Medium
    Flow: Low
    Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
    Join Date
    Jun 2011
    First Name

    Additional Information & Description

    This mushroom was given to me about 3 months into my first aquarium, and has now been in the aquarium for about 4 months. Since then it went from about 4 mushrooms to about 12 mushrooms. Most interesting was that one mushroom of the 4 came to me unattached and after trying to rubber band it twice and glue it once (shredding it into multiple pieces in the process, I gave up and let it drift where it wanted in the tank. That one mushroom (or pieces) found spots around the tank and became 4 more mushrooms. I've also noticed that the mushrooms seem to move around a bit leaving smaller mushrooms in their wake. Lastly, they will stretch quite a bit for light. One established deep in a cave with almost no light. I thought for sure it was a goner, but every morning, it stretches up through a small hole in the rock, then opens the mushroom out once out of the hole to about 2 inches in width to stay in the light all day! This is a great coral for beginners and the experienced alike.
    Last edited by msumatt; 07-16-2011 at 01:52 AM.

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