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Results: Do You Plan on Entering the Nano Contest sponsored by Orphek?

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2012 Nano Contest Gauging Interest

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    Default 2012 Nano Contest Gauging Interest

    I'm interested to see how many members would in interested in doing a nano contest. The last one we did ran from January to May. I'm envisioning rules being similar to what we had last time with total tank volume being less than 30 gallons. But also open to suggestions for any improvements we can make to the process. Here is a link to last year's rules.

    I'm not sure what the prize will be just yet, but of course it would be a nice one. Last year it was an LED light fixture from nano customs.

    Please post if you have any interest in being in a nano contest.

    Orphek, is going to donate an LED pendant that will be awarded to the winner! The prize will be a DIF50 20K - 50 watt LED emitter with 90 degree lens which is rated for up to a 24x24-inch tank.

    2012 nano contest gauging interest orphek 50 side 3990 - 2012 Nano Contest Gauging Interest
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    bluwc - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Mar 2011
    Clio, MI


    can I use my cube build for it from last year? Lol well it doesn't matter, I'll probably get in on this as I'll be setting up a 30g bow front probably FOWLR

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    Sure. It just has to be a fresh start at the beginning of the contest.

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    CR Member
    Join Date
    Aug 2009
    Michigan USA


    if it was a smaller tank..say 20 gallons, but connected to a larger system would that be allowed?

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    rosebud161616 - Reefkeeper
    Team CR

    Join Date
    Oct 2010
    Columbus, OH
    Awards Nano Contest Winner


    I'm in! I have a new idea...

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    Sir Patrick - Reefkeeper A2 Club Coordinator
    Join Date
    Oct 2009
    UofM territory
    Awards Monthly Giveaway Winner


    I might get in on this, this year.

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    larryandlaura - Reefkeeper
    Team CR

    Join Date
    Nov 2010
    Houghton Lake
    Awards Monthly Giveaway Winner Fantasy Football Champion Referral Award Monthly Giveaway Winner


    What about biocube?
    Hi my name is Larry and I'm a coral addict!

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    Skyhigh - Reefkeeper

    Join Date
    Oct 2009
    Awards Photo of the Month - June 2012 Photo of the Month Photo of the Month Photo of the Month Referral Award Photo of the Month


    Im in.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by hardcz View Post
    if it was a smaller tank..say 20 gallons, but connected to a larger system would that be allowed?
    Nope. You could have a 20 gallon tank and a 10 gallon sump though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by larryandlaura View Post
    What about biocube?
    Great tanks and definitely allowed.

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    thefishgirl - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Sep 2009
    Grosse Pointe Woods, MI


    Hey Jim, depending on timing and work schedule (around the tank kickoff), I'm interested.

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