CaptiveReefing is the brainchild born from frustration with some of the actions and directions other boards have taken. The concept has been taken from a mere thought to what you see today in literally just a few days, driven by Reef_Angel, ReptoReef, and Dakar, so improvements are always being made to improve the site to enhance your visit. As we continue to grow, it is our hopes that CR will become at least a second home, or maybe even a first for all members.

Our Mission - to create a corner of the world for folks with similar interests in furthering our hobby (or for some a 'way of life'), by sharing our knowledge and experiences both good and bad, but ultimately to learn of others methods and such so that better environments can be provided for our Captive Reefs. Ultimately, to be free of dependence on the natural reefs which are being reduced and destroyed at an abysmal rate in the name of the almighty dollar.

To provide guidance to new hobbyists and more experienced alike. But all in an extended family type atmosphere where incessant bashing, flaming, and just plain poor behavior can be more closely monitored (and controlled if need be) to ensure every member's visit is a pleasant one. An environment free of commercialism and free of corporate and vendor influence.

CR is run entirely on Open Source software, Dakar is an avid Linux and Open Source advocate. The objective of maintaining a very flexible environment leaves a lot of room for lateral movement and expansion to change the site to meet the needs and desires of our membership. Where EVERYONE will have a voice, although as in any organization the 'Staff' maintains a combined total of the Majority Vote (51%), but the odds on gaining favor and the swing vote of one or more of the staff to support your cause should be pretty easy.

The CR Staff - Who are these people?

Dakar - (fortunate to have married up in life, to Reef_Angel), a 15 year veteran and former Drill Sergeant in the US Army, now working as a Network Engineer and Systems Administrator. Father of three, and PaPaw to one granddaughter. Newer to the SWA hobby, but an avid reader, and serious DIY'r, with over 20 years FW experience. Your lead Site Administrator for CR, so complaints and error's should be directed to him. Suggestions for improvements, can be directed to any of the staff and we will discuss and evaluate your suggestion(s) and implement them if feasible.

Reef_Angel - I am the female member of our team with over 10 years background in quality Customer Service & PC background. :D I ran my own PC Repair Business from my home for at least 10 years in what little free time I had when I wasn't working. My PC repair & upgrading skills were used within the catalog company where I was working as a Customer Service Leadership/Supervisory Lead over the Customer Service Dept. there for 5 years, so I was consider valuable to them as an employee. I'd work all day and fix 'puters all night. Dakar and I met through our home businesses and will be enjoying our 6th Anniversary in November 2004. He is indeed the best half that makes me feel whole! We consider all our children "our's", and we are enjoying our 1st grandchild and looking forward to our next one that is due in May! I plan to be here for our CR guests as often as possible! Open communication is always the best kind! ....... ~Reef_Angel~ :angel5:

ReptoReef - Prior LFS owner, and total reef junkie. Been involved with fish all my life with sw beginning in '99. I'm a pretty open-minded father of 1(with another on the way) and husband of the greatest wife a man could ever hope for. I'll be glad to help whenever I can and will not hesitate to enforce the rules of this board to help maintain an fun marine, reef learning and sharing atmosphere.

The CR Team.