A calendar has been added to our home, feel free to submit events to be added to the calendar, the button can be found at the bottom of the calendar page. Presently the link to it only exists from the front page, and as it contains some personal info it's only viewable by CR Members.

Events must be proper for public viewing and fit into the following guidelines;
-public personal type of events, wedding anniversaries and such that you'd like announced (member birthdays are automatically generated and posted)
-Your local reef club meetings
-Events of general interest to our reefing community
-No commercial events, unless they are *very* general and open to the public (this will be more of an exception than a rule and dealt with case by case)

For the good of all and to insure all submitted events are appropriate, they must be approved by a Staff Member before they will appear on the calendar. Each event must be manually reviewed, but should be approved/disapproved in a day or two, so a little patience may be in order, we all have tanks to work in as well