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CR FishFinder ***NEW***

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    jimsflies - Reefkeeper

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    As part of CR's continued commitment to add tools that reef keepers can use, we have developed the CR FishFinder. FishFinder works the same as Coral Collector ™ an existing feature here on CR. It is not only a way to show off your fish, but also a way to figure out which fish are compatible with your system. The more we fish entered into FishFinder, the more useful it becomes.

    Links to FishFinder are located on the navbar menu under Reef Tools. From there, you can browse, search, and add/edit to your fish. When you add a fish, you should only add one fish per form. For example if you have 10 fish, you would complete one entry for each fish...so you would have 10 different entries. (Don't lump all your fish together into one entry...e.g., John's Fish.) The reason for this will be more obvious as you start using FishFinder.

    Here are some quick links to get to the different areas of FishFinder:

    Browse Fish
    Search Fish
    Add/Edit Fish

    The search is mostly driven by drop down boxes...with a simple click of a drop-down menu, you will instantly have the results you are looking for...continue to narrow your search down using the various drop-down menus. Here is a screen shot of the search page.

    From the search page you can locate a fish by category, size, temperament, and even color! So the next time your wife says why don't you get a yellow fish, you can pull up every yellow fish and determine which one is best suited to your reef by further refining your search with whether or not it is reef safe and how large of a fish your tank can handle.


    FishFinder is a great way to show your fish collection to the CR community. Once you enter your fish into the system, it creates a drop down link under your username in your postbit (that area with your avatar each time you post in a thread). Other members can quickly see thumbnails (small images) of the fish you have entered. Note it is not necessary to currently have the fish as part of your stock, if you have a favorite fish you can't keep for whatever reason, or a fish that has moved to the great ocean in the sky, you can still add it to your fish list here. You can indicate when you add the fish it's status as to whether this is a currently kept fish, former, or one you want.

    If you get stuck entering your fish info, feel free to ask in this thread or chat. There is almost always someone around to help you out.

    ***Notice - FishFinder as it applies to online forums and associated software is a trademark of CaptiveReefs.
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