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CR's Tank of the Month - August 05 - Smatney's 92g Bow

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    dakar - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2004
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    Default CR's Tank of the Month - August 05 - Smatney's 92g Bow

    In true summer fashion we are yet again lagging behind, but with further delay;
    It is our pleasure to announce the Captive Reefing Tank of The Month for Aug 2005, congratulations are extended to Smatney for her 92G Bowfront Reef!!
    totm aug 05 - CR's Tank of the Month - August 05 - Smatney's 92g Bow

    Here is a few comments from the judges
    A truly awesome system to view.
    ...it looks settled in and comfy.

    Smatney, your presence is hereby requested amongst the Judging Staff to serve your term in selecting future TOTM's. Though next month we are considering doing something a bit different in celebration of CR's 1 year anniversary, your participation would be appreciated.

    To those entries submitted during July, your images will remain in the TOTM Gallery for August's nominations (update them if you wish), those submitted in June will be moved to the general Tanks gallery, but you may resubmit as often as you like. Thanks to all who have taken the time to show off their tanks! We hope you will continue to do so often.

    Again congratulations to Smatney!
    The CR Staff.
    Every electronic device is manufactured with smoke stored deep inside... only a true genius can find a way to set it free.

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    davejnz - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2004
    Daytona Bch,FL


    Congradulations for being chosen TOTM.You have quite the selection of corals and i look forward to seeing them grow out.Although i didn't get to vote,yours would have been the one i would have chose.

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    tileman - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Oct 2004


    Congratulations Susan, Youre tank has come a long way since I saw it last. Very beautiful job.
    225g Full reef, 300g total Deltec AP702, PF601S, FR509. 18 months old
    65g reef, Euroreef skimmer, 4yrs old

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    Oh my gosh! I just found out that I am tank of the month! I have been out of town and did not even know! I love my tank, it's 8 months old, 92 gallon corner tank. There are two 250w 10K MH's and 2 24 inch actinic VHO.s I hava a calcium reactor and an ASM skimmer. It's all run by a Neptune which I could not live without. I'm anxious for the frags to grow out as well.

    Thanks Repto for nominating me. You rock! Susan

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    Here's the specs

    Tank Size - 92G Corner Bowfront

    Age - 9 mos

    Tank Focus - color variety - tons of zoos on the bottom, unusual SPS, rare challice's and LPS - 3 acan lords in the middle.

    Lighting two 250w 10K MH's and 2 24 inch actinic VHO.s

    Filtration 30 g refugium, ASM skimmer, live rock and sand

    Equipment - Calcium Reactor, Neptune, Skimmer, two sea swirls, 40 XL Iwaki pump, Ozone, three fans

    Fish - unusual cling fish, two tangs, two clowns, bicolor blenny, six line wrasse, royal gramma, flame hawkfish, two green chromis, yellow tank, hippo tang

    Corals/Inverts See above for corals - I have one rare mycedium that Tyree is going to make a limited edition. Three clams - a derasa that is the size of a football, six inch gold teardrop maxima and blue crocea. Cleaner shrimp, 2 peppermint shrimp, emerald crab, snails and crabs.

    Maintenance 10% weekly water change, clean glass with magnet ~daily

    Feeding - Dried flake mixture we put together from brine shrimp direct, 2-3 times a week mixture of tahitian blend, frozen rotifers golden pearls and cyclopeze

    Favorite inhabitants - cling fish, yellow tang (runs the tank)\

    Problems I've Overcome - Many - Red bugs, mantis shrimp, zoanthid die off, flatworms

    Whats Next? - Who knows it this hobby. Fred (husband) says auto top-off.

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