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Important Info

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    Default Important Info

    I know how excited everyone was to see our beloved ReefAngel posting again! I just wanted to relay the message that her computer is down, and she is unable to post for the time being. Hopefully, those issues will be resolved quickly, and we will have her cheerful presence with us again very soon!

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    jojo22 - Reefkeeper Registered User
    Join Date
    Nov 2005
    Canton, Ohio


    Hope she makes it back soon.
    Does water always taste like salt and poo????

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    Sounds like her doctor hacked her computer too.

    Visit Melev's Reef

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    Reef_Angel - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Sep 2004
    Wisconsin Dells, WI


    Thanks Sweetpea for passing along the message about my darn puter, and all the super sweet comments you made about me. You are to kind really! I sacrificed my desktop machine to lend a hand to our servers, so I'm stuck with my old 3 yr old lappy. Dakar has "mishmashed" ( a dave word!) my power supply together so many times, not to mention the actual connection to the puter itself. It's not doing so well, and I fear it's on it's very last legs! Once I get a halfway decent charge on it, I can come online for maybe 15 minutes, so I'm doing a lot of multi-tasking! hehehe! Then it gets hotter than heck and just shuts down. Time to buy a new one but...... lol In the mean time, I'll be on as often as possible.

    I see the GOOD Doc this Thurs. so I'm really hoping that they can get my blood pressure under control so I can really resume my life. This is all lasting to long for my liking! I'm now trying to identify all the damage that is surfacing from all the prescriptions the BAD Doc had me on, and some of these issues are scary. More info as I receive it... I'm not out of the woods quite yet we fear. Frustrating at best, and a bit depressing...but I'm a fighter...I think.

    Thanks EVERYONE for your continued loyalty to CR!! .....Angel
    Have a Wonderful Day on the Reef!

    **If you have a need to phone me,
    PM me and we can arrange for a chat!

    Angels do a lot of things, but they will not take away your free will or the lessons you are here on earth to learn.*~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reef_Angel View Post
    ...but I'm a fighter...I think.
    You think??? You ARE!!!
    I hope your appointment goes well for you today... my thoughts and prayers are with you! (((HUGS)))

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