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    labman - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Sep 2005

    Default Talkingreef.com

    ok I stole this msg I did on another website thought I
    would post it here and a few other places. the way you
    do not need a ipod to here or plays podcast any media
    player will work or mp3.

    I am really surprized there is not more talk about
    these shows Rob a local provides a very imformamative
    shows. I think some just listened a couple time the
    rough days lol never bothered to listen again. Rob
    provides subjects on stuff we talk about everyday.
    here is the subjects he has covered so far.
    I got to know Rob because of the show for those that
    don't know is local guy llives close to Sting Ray Bay.
    He take the shows really serious. I think it a great
    way to learn he doesn't claim to have all the answers
    and likes people to do there own reserch. Rob is a
    friend but he didn't ask me to post this. I have just
    learned allot from Robs shows and thought I would try
    to make new people aware and those that just gave him
    a couple chances maybe another try.

    1-3 are just numbered cover the basic like cycling,
    Sand etc I will admit painful to hear.
    Water Current Podcast Episode 4
    Poweheads - Podcast Episode 5
    Sea Salts - Podcast Episode 6
    Q/A show#1 - Podcast Episode 7
    Selecting First Fish - Podcast Episode 8
    Q/A show#2 - Podcast Episode 9
    Plate coral issue - Podcast Episode 10
    Powerhead care - Podcast Episode 11
    Tank Maturity - Podcast Episode 12
    Kalk - Podcast Episode 13
    Q/A show#3 - Podcast Episode 14
    Mech filtration - Podcast Episode 15
    Community Update - Podcast Episode 15.5
    q/A show#4 - Podcast Episode 16
    Cost Saving Tips - Podcast Episode 17
    ZERO Impact Reef - Podcast Episode 18
    Steven Pro Interview - Podcast Episode 19
    Test Kits - Podcast Episode 20
    Nano Reefs - Podcast Episode 21
    Selecting and Buying Fish - Podcast Episode 22
    TalkignReef SCWD Contest - Podcast Episode 23
    Intro to Branching Stony Coral - Podcast Ep 25
    Effects of Cyanide on Marine Fish Coral - Podcast Ep
    Substrates pt1 - Podcast Episode 27
    xenia Fragging Video - Podcast Episode 29
    Natural Seawater - Podcast Episode 30
    Feedback Show #1 - Podcast Episode 32
    Contest #2 / SWU / Upcomming Seahorse Show - Podcast
    Episode 34
    Basics of Light - Podcast Episode 31
    Online Coral Store/Pests - Podcast Episode 33
    Intro to Seahorses - Podcast Episode 36
    Substrates pt2 - Podcast Episode 28
    Aquarium Photography - Podcast Episode 38
    Coral Naming Myths - Podcast Episode 37
    Culturing Phyto - Video Podcast Episode 39
    Sea Anemones - Podcast Episode 40
    Zooxanthellae - Podcast Episode 41
    Culturing Rotifers - Video Podcast Episode 42
    DIY Kalk Doser - Video Podcast Episode 44
    Goniopora - Podcast Episode 45

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    peregrinus - Reefkeeper Registered User
    Join Date
    Sep 2004


    i download them all the time..
    Quantum mechanics the dreams stuff is made of.

    150 started 8/12/06
    57 gal started 8/12/08

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    jerryc - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Sep 2004


    Yes iv lessoned to most of them Worth the time

    RazorBack Reef. com

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    pettee86 - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Jan 2006
    New Orleans, LA


    I've downloaded most of them and find them very helpful.
    Got reef?
    CIMG2683 - Talkingreef.com

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