Okay folks, new toy to play with, Captive Reefing's Virtual Pet shop is now open for all to enjoy. Remember those little toys (Geo-pets???) a number of years back that demanded your attention or they'll die on you.... we'll they've made a comeback here :D
Something else to burn your hard earned pearls on, they need food, clean water, and loving homes too! The link to enter the Pet Shop is on the Nav Bar to the left under Members Navigation.

To our guests, you must be a registered member to use this feature, if you are not in our database the critters won't know who belongs to them. So register today.

Our thanks to all the folks that help beta-test this for us, so far it looks like it should be bug free, of course any and all comments, complaints, and suggestions are always welcome. We'll be expanding it soon to add more and more critters as time permits in the near future. Got some favorites that are not listed..... just let us know.

The CR Staff.