First off, don't forget about the 15% discount code for all CR members that is good thru Dec 7. Just enter CR15 in the appropriate spot during checkout. This will applies to sale items too. Let me repeat that, 15% discount applies to sale items too

Second, all of our wysiwyg ULTRA maxi mini's are $50 or less. We have lowered the prices on all of them permanently! You will not see a maxi mini for more then $50 no matter how nice it may look.

Ultra Maxi Mini Anemone 10 (WYSIWYG) - $50.00 :, Aquacultured Coral Frags
wysiwygbabybluemaxi LRG - Amazing opportunity, must read!

Third, all of our non ultra maxi mini's are on sale for a staggering $24 each! That's a 45% discount off are original low price.
Maxi Mini Carpet Anemones - $24.00 :, Aquacultured Coral Frags

Fourth, all non wysiwyg Tyree Red Watermelon Chalice frags are on sale for only $99. Some will have 2 mouths not just 1 since they have been growing so well for us.

Tyree L.E. Red Watermelon Alien Eye - Echinophyllia sp. - $99.00 :, Aquacultured Coral Frags
redwatermelon LRG - Amazing opportunity, must read!

And finally, we have more farmed items on sale this month then ever before. This sale is on top of our already LOW prices that we offer everyday. Coral like Armegeddon Paly's just $9 each, $15 montipora spongodes, $24 Cali Torts, $19 Liam Clove polyps and more!
Specials :, Aquacultured Coral Frags

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