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Lots of new sales for the month of May at CultivatedReef.com, Aquacultured Coral Frags. Below are just a few choices to pick from.

Aussie Strawberry Shortcake $40
c95440c593a98fbdd4542d4769e3391eimage550x550 - May Sale!

Metallic Blue Anthelia $22.50
e19fac869942d01493f01e1c802f5b6aimage550x550 - May Sale!

23% off this beauty...
6e8c5f30e1c6d13481fad320180929b0image550x550 - May Sale!

40% Tyree Eye of Jupitor Favia
f3860e2a209a11056cb9c802dea00357image550x550 - May Sale!

Check out our complete list of sale livestock here...
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