Hey guys,

We have a few new additions to our growing collection that we wanted to make you aware of....
New Additions : CultivatedReef.com, Aquacultured Coral Frags

Two new zoa's. They may go by other names so please let us know if that's the case but for now we are calling them...

Eye of Fires $19 per frag

b59f9dab74f11b2e096521daf3ae43bdimage550x550 - New additions

Sunflowers $19 per frag

dc15330ce5ac63fde20cbe432fc61028image550x550 - New additions

And for sps we have a bunch of new choices but here is just a few...

Yellow and Purple Montipora $35

d91f02c28d8f72ee28f3cc8b4a6b0036image550x550 - New additions

Pink Millepora $24

241095440b2a3b3602476e27ab40c441image550x550 - New additions

Two Toned Tenuis $25

47a5d6130c3cd27ee08e909a60816471image550x550 - New additions

Thanks so much for looking. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Cultivated Reef

CultivatedReef.com, Aquacultured Coral Frags