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new refug system

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    labman - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2005

    Default new refug system

    Jakem came ove rto set up a refug system for my 130 gallon tank replacing my new wet/dry. I think he came up with a really neat design pratical and very verisital I might have to do a couple post to show it off and I think it will still loose something until the lr and algee are added. it will allow the water to flow though the refug hopefully allowing better filtration. and I get set up areas to confine snails and there are allot of configerationsor options Thanks Jake..

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    CR Member
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    Dec 2005
    worcester, ma


    its like a contact tank they use in wastewater treatment plants, i build them, they put the chems in and the water will mix and have contact with filter walls, this is also where they put a UV light
    I went to Vermont for the week, When i came home my Ex had killed all my fish!

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