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    Hi all
    i have a question , i have made my owne tank stand and it came out grat, i stained the out side and then pollyed it with 3 coats, i stain the inside of the tank stand and was going to polly it all so, would the stain and the polly hurt the sub tank in side of the stand?.

    Thanks and have a grat day.

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    graphixx - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Jul 2005
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    no you should be allright just make sure that it is all the way dry before you put anything in there.

    you have to post some pics of your stand.
    fulltankshot 1 - TANK STAND QUESTION

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    dakar - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2004
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    Sp long as the poly has had the chance to fullly dry and cure it will be fine. I've used both oil and water based poly on different things and found the oil to resist salt better. I haven't found any ill effects that would warrant paying for $40/qt for 'food grade' poly.
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    Default Tank stand

    Hey guy's
    Thanks for your help, you guy's are the best, hey i have one more question is a ASM Skimmer better then a Precision Marine Systems Skimmer ?, i was going to get the Bullet -2 with the Sedra 12000 for my 180 i am puting together for a reef tank.
    thanks again.

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