Will Ship: No
Category: Tank
Condition: Used
I have a used JBJ 12g nano for sale. It's in good condition. It has a surface skimmer box attached to keep the crap off the top of the water. The original hood has been modified and is included as parts only and would need to be re-worked to function. I will also include 3 CF 24w bulbs / ballasts. These are totally ghetto and need work. $50 pick up in GR area or possibly arange a meet somewhere.

10 gallon that has been drilled in the end. It cracked while I was drilling but I repaired it. It's not pretty, but it doesn't leak. Free. Pick up only.

40 gallon frag tank. Drilled in both ends. Bulkheads included. One end was cracked and repaired with silicone by it's previous owner. It's 48x18x12 if memory serves. Very ugly, but functional. $25 pick up only.

current usa 70w halide fixture w/led moon lights. This is a great light. It's 20" long and I used it on the 12g nano. A little overkill, but it worked. Bulb has about 1/2 life left in it. $200

Package deal!!!!! Buy the 12 gallon nano and the light and I will throw in a korallia 1, a heater and a medusa temp controller for the complete setup. Dry rock to fill it is available @ $1.50 a lb.

I will not be taking pictures of these. I've described them pretty well. I just don't have time to deal with pictures right now. If you want more info, PM me for my phone #. Thanks.