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29 Gallon Bowfront, 24" Aqulight Pro

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    Default 29 Gallon Bowfront, 24" Aqulight Pro

    Will Ship: No
    Category: Tank
    Price: $20-$200
    Condition: Used
    Cleaning out the fishroom, have a few things to sell. Local Pickup Prefered. Clio, 48420.

    29gal bowfront glass tank 24", nice black wood/glass stand, glasstop, 40 lbs of sand in it. Its a great little nano show tank! Has dry coraline Algae on it, needs to be scraped out, then its good to go. asking $125

    24" Coralife Aqualight Pro 150w HQI. Great light! Had it over the 29 gallon bowfront. Used for 6 months. Bulbs are still good. Has 20k corallife HQI, and 2 65w current dual actinics. Perfect light for a frag tank! These go for over $300 new, asking $200.

    24" Dual coralife aqualight PC fixture. Fan cooled. Great for small tanks, or a fuge. Takes 2 65w strainght pin bulbs. asking $20 (Pending)


    PC's- Used for 8months $5 ea
    96w Current Dual Daylight Sq Pin
    96w Coralife 50/50 Sq Pin
    65w Current Smartpaq Sq Pin

    T5's-Brand New
    24" HO Geismann actinic plus $10
    48" 3x 54w Actinic 03 $10ea, $25 for all 3

    T5's-Used 8 months all 54w$5ea
    3x ATI Blue Plus
    ATI Pure Actinic
    ATI Aqua Blue Special
    UVL 6500k


    Used Rainbow Lifegaurd 300 gal fluidized bed filter $25
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    Can post some pics of 24" Dual coralife aqualight PC fixture

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    Pm sent. A couple more things added as well...

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