Will Ship: Yes
Category: Other
Price: $400
Condition: Used
1st up Aquatinics T5 Consultation canopy 14-39 watt bulbs with 3 power switches. switches turn on 6 bulbs + Fan/ 4 bulbs 4 bulbs I have high end KZ or Korallen-zucht bulbs these are buy far the best bulbs I have ever owned. I have New Generation/Fiji Red/Coral Keeper. I think $400 is a very fair price.

IMG 1149 1 - 72" T5 Canopy, Skimmer, Misc
IMG 1145 1 - 72" T5 Canopy, Skimmer, Misc

ATI Bubble Master 200 Skimmer pump works but needs a new pump soon. $120

IMG 1148 1 - 72" T5 Canopy, Skimmer, Misc

Ranco Heater/Chiller/fan Controller Modified with 3 plugs. IE 3 fans $50 Pending

IMG 1153 - 72" T5 Canopy, Skimmer, Misc

Seio M1500 pump $20

IMG 1150 1 - 72" T5 Canopy, Skimmer, Misc

I'm think of getting out and decided to sell this stuff 1st. Please don't waste my time or yours trying to Low Ball I have listed fair selling prices. I live in Southfield work in Dearborn M-F till 5pm all items sold 1st come 1st serve. if you can't make it right away but want something we can do Paypal buyer pays fees.