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Arduino pH,ORP,Salinity Sensor Shield w/RTC

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    SaltyDog - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Default Arduino pH,ORP,Salinity Sensor Shield w/RTC

    Will Ship: Yes
    Category: Controls
    Price: $100.00
    Condition: New
    Up for sale are two Ultimate sensor shields for use with an Arduino Uno or Deumilinov that I have and build.Sensors for pH and ORP, Salinity, RTC and hookups for many different types of peripherals all via USB it's the perfect shield for your project. Uno is NOT Included......The shields are $100.00EA. with 5.20 for Priority Mail Shipping.....105.20 Total...if interested email me at saltydogaquariums@gmail.com and I will send you a paypal payment request....Will ship within 24hrs.

    mms img67302 - Arduino pH,ORP,Salinity Sensor Shield w/RTC

    Completed Sketch will be sent to you via Email after purchase using a 20x4 LCD.



    Gardening projects



    Whatever use you can think of!


    1 1Wire USB hookup (easily hook up multiple devices)

    1 I2C USB hookup (easily hook up multiple devices)

    1 analog USB hookup (for analog pins 0 and 1, Vcc and GND are also hooked up to the USB connector so you can use whatever kind of sensor you want)

    RJ-45 connector for 4 digital outputs (or digital inputs or PWM outputs as they're 0-5v PWM pins)

    3 BNC connectors to measure pH,ORPand Salinity

    1 DS1307 RTC


    Arduino Uno

    Arduino Duemilanove
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    Got ink????Go big or go home......

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