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Cadlights New LED Fixture

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    Default Cadlights New LED Fixture

    Will Ship: Yes
    Category: Lighting
    Price: 325
    Condition: New
    Brand new never used Cadlights LED fixture.

    442b8a66 57b5 21b0 - Cadlights New LED Fixture

    442b8a66 57c1 7948 - Cadlights New LED Fixture

    This light is BRIGHT, and FRIENDLY. Similar to many "Cannon" style high powered LED Multi-Chip systems, ours is joined with the total inclusiveness and friendliness of a full system fixture . The Multi-Chip bulbs deliver a very high powered beam of crisp and stunning light with a strong penetration depth. Coupled with a wide angle individual reflector delivers a spacious 30" x 30" light spread at a 24" height. Our newest LED lighting systems offers truly a replacement of Metal halide lighting with the benefits of energy efficiency, cool operating temperature and long lasting life. Surrounded by individual fully driven 1W LED (460NM) blues, lets you control the color that you like as well. 3 types of controls lets you easily make the settings of your preference. (1) Included into the unit is a built in digital timer, (2) built in dimmer control for the supplemental lights, (3) remote control for the supplemental lights. Super slim profile designed elegantly to be as inconspicuous as possible. Comes included with our ceiling cable hanging kit, steel cable wires. Tank mounts and leg accessories available for upgrade.
    * 50W 14000K Multi-Chip LED center bulb with 12 pcs 1W LED (460NM) supplemental lights surrounding.
    * Controllable with its built-in Digital timer of all 3 stages of Dusk till Dawn, Manual dimmer controls and remote control. Multi-Chip center bulb is not dimmable.
    * Ultra slim and compact design with dimensions of 15.5" x 7.5" x 2".
    * Steel cables, ceiling mounting brackets with height adjusting capability.

    Light Readings:
    6" (Approximate water surface) 32,000LX, 3.2 lm/cm2
    12" (Depth) 12,500LX, 1.25 lm/cm2

    Retails for $389

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    rc Hopkins sig - Cadlights New LED Fixture

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