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HUGE HIGH END SALE, lights, tanks, pumps, EVERYTHING

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    koralkrab125 - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Mar 2010

    Default HUGE HIGH END SALE, lights, tanks, pumps, EVERYTHING

    Will Ship: Yes
    Category: Other
    Price: 5-300
    Condition: Used
    I have moved and thought I would be able to set my tank back up but there is not a big enough in my new house to put it, so I must sell everything. I will ship small items AT BUYERS EXPENSE but not large ones like skimmers, cal reactors, etc...All prices are OBO.
    I might be interested in trades for MP10, biocube 29 LED, LED light for a nano, nano tanks.

    I will be having a huge garage sale every weekend from now until all of my stuff is gone(including many non fish tank items) email me if you are from the area and want to know where it is.

    PM if interested, if my PM box is full email me at slowburnz28@gmail.com

    All pictures are available on my photobucket here:
    Huge Sale pictures by koralkrab125 - Photobucket

    My build thread is here for additional pics:

    Everything has been vinegar bathed and cleaned very well
    $300 - 125g 72x18x22 includes, tank, stand, sump, no scratches on tank at all
    $75 - 90g has 2 holes drilled in bottom should be easily cover with small peice of glass, i can provide glass
    $50 - Mag 12 need new impeller
    $150 - Hanging Canopy/light rack, has 4 bulb 36" blue wave t5 actinics (ATI Super actinic Bulbs) 2 cooling fans, 3 very bright LED moonlight strips go to one plug, room to mount any type of lighting in it ( it is upside down in the pics so the bulbs don't get broke)
    $50 - 40g long sump with t8 light
    $90 - 250w icecap MH ballasts, work great, - 3 available
    $90 - Lumenbrite mini reflectors, only 3 months old, like new - 2 available
    $20 - spider reflector w/ socket and cord
    $20 - 250w 22k plusrite SE MH bulbs, can't tell the difference between radiums when right next to eachother 2 months of use 5 hours day - 3 available
    $20 - 250w 10k SPS blue life SE MH bulbs - 2 available
    $300 - MP40W W as in Wireless not ecosmart work great, never had any issues, - 2 available both pending sunday pick up
    $10 - digital timer power strip - 2 available
    $5 - suction cup handles for moving tanks - 2 available
    $200 - Chiller, not sure of size rating but it kept my 125 cool with no AC in the house and 3 250w MH's on all summer
    $160 - BRAND NEW Glass Holes 3000gph overflow kit w/ additional 1.5" hole saw for 3/4" bulkheads
    $5 - 6" section of 3/4" loc line, some with flat end nozels - 12 available
    $30 - Hanna pHep4 handheld pH pen, great if you don't want to invest in a controller
    $15 - huge box of random plumbing parts, FREE PLUMBING PARTS WITH PURCHASE, pick up only

    I know there is stuff in the pictures that I havn't posted, ask about it if you want it but i am debating on what i will need for my nano.
    Last edited by koralkrab125; 09-03-2011 at 05:48 PM.
    WMU's reef freak, to bad im a business major lol

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    mcleodm - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Apr 2011
    Wixom, MI
    First Name


    Interested in the mp40's. I might be out that way this weekend. Are they still available? How old?

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