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Once in a Blue Moon (er...Lobster)

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    Default Once in a Blue Moon (er...Lobster)

    Looking like a prop from a B-52's video, a blue lobster is a 1-in-2-million exception to the normal rust-colored lobster. The unique hue originates from a genetic variation that triggers a protein in the lobster creating the blue shell coloring.

    Interestingly, two of these rare lobsters have been caught in the past week. One was caught in Nova Scotia, Canada by Bobby Stoddard and the other in Ocean City, Maryland by the crew of the Pot Luck Fishing boat. Turns out being blue is good if you are a lobster...Both lobsters are being saved from the pot...the one caught by Pot Luck Fishing is awaiting transport to the National Aquarium in Washington, DC.

    The blue lobster Stoddard caught is still up for adoption. Stoddard unsuccessfully tried to donate the blue lobster to a local ocean institute that "didn't seem too interested," in his find. His girlfriend suggested Stoddard sell the lobster on a classified-ad site. But after several "weird" emails and phone calls, Stoddard pulled the ad.

    Blue isn't the only color anomoly in lobsters. There are also yellow lobsters, estimated to be a 1-in-30-million and albino lobsters are a 1-in-100-million according to the Lobster Institute.

    (via USAToday.com & yahoo)
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    how cool would it be to catch a yellow lobster, or an albino one. im about to do some googlin' to find a pic of these things.

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