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More Frags, Refugium Lights

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    fishdoc1 - Reefkeeper CR Sponsor
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    Oct 2009
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    Default More Frags, Refugium Lights

    Fish Drs Ypsi has dedicated a few more tanks to frags to expand our offerings.

    Also, anyone looking for small refugium lights we have a dozen different sizes in stock ranging from 8-20", with various amounts of power.

    And, we got 3 shipments of fish, rock, coral, inverts this week plus a tank breakdown of trade-ins.

    And we have some good used gear-Aqua C Remora, huge dual bio tower, etc.

    Anyone need a huge clown grouper?

    We are still running the buy 2 get one free coral sale, due to popular demand.

    We also are now stocking the purple plus ATI T-5 bulbs, along with the Blue Plus and Aqua Blue Special.

    And don't forget the 28 gallon JBJ Nano set up, with filter, dual pumps, wavemaker, 105 watt CF light, quad LED's, and stand, all for only $399.

    Take it easy everybody!

    Tom, Fish Drs Ypsi, 734-434-1030

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    Jun 2010
    Ann Arbor
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    Love the expanded frag section. I personally spend the most of my money in the frag tanks and in the past they were so crowded it could be hard to see what was in there. Stopped in today and it was so much better! Great work. Also picked up a HUGE chunk of neon green candy cane for only $25, frag has like 18 heads!

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    cg5071 - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Jun 2010
    petoskey mi.
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    What type of fuge lights do you have? I am looking for something to go on a marineland 5 gal hex. Their light isnt SW safe. I think it was about 9" from one side to the other and it would need to be only 4-5"s wide. cfl or pc's or t5? The tank will have some lower light softies but I would like it to look nice. If it would be only a 1 bulb unit I would like something kind of blue.

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    fishdoc1 - Reefkeeper CR Sponsor
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    Oct 2009
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    Default Fuge Lights!

    Here are the refugium lights we have in stock right now:

    1-11", 2 x 6 watt HO T5-$75

    1-9 1/2" , 2 x 13 watt pc-$65

    1-8", 2 x 13 watt pc-$70

    1-20", 2 x 36 watt pc-$130

    1-9 1/2 ", 3 x 13 watt pc-$70

    1- 16", 1 x 24 watt pc-$90

    1-9 1/2", 2x13 watt pc-$65

    1-8", 1 x 13 watt pc-$45

    Hope that helps!

    Fish DR Tom

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